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Voice-over und Untertitel

For your story to cross borders successfully, it’s important to choose the right words, tone and delivery for each market.

Mit den Voice-over- und Untertitel-Services von Codex bleibt Ihre Story im Mittelpunkt Ihres Films oder Videos.

Erzählen Sie Ihre Geschichte

With a wide range of voiceover artists covering most languages across the globe, we can help your commercial, film, documentary or e-learning video speak to every corner of the world.

We work with professional voiceover actors to produce recordings that work with your film. Native voice-over directors will manage the sessions and ensure the voiceover is recorded in the desired style, tone and delivery. With all editing done by our partner studio, we make sure everything fits together perfectly and retains the essence and impact of your source material – no matter where in the world it’s being watched.


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